We are back on the road for our fourth cross-country reporting tour!

After celebrating the first anniversary of the Occupy movement in New York City, we are back on the road for our fourth cross-country Occupy tour!

It’s been exactly one year since we went on the road.  Visiting the Occupy movement while it was blossoming around the country last fall was like traveling from peak to peak.  Now we are picking our way through the valleys, in the shadow of the elections.

But the stories of the 99% are more important ever. The grave conditions that drove thousands of Americans from every walk of life into the streets this past year will persist as political leaders have shown no interest in addressing the roots of the economic crisis.

The mainstream media doesn’t care.  Independent media doesn’t have the funding.  We are some of the few independent journalists out there who are finding the issues that concern Americans from all walks of life and telling them to millions in outlets such as Truthout, The Progressive, The Guardian, The Nation, Alternet, Salon and Z.

We are also working on a book and film about the movement this winter, and are continuing to help other independent journalists and filmmakers by assisting a dozen occupied newspapers around the country and promoting the work of artists through events such as Occupy the Film Festival.

But we can’t do it without your help.  We are not backed by corporate dollars. In order to continue our work, we are seeking to raise $8,000 on our WePay site.  We are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal.  Won’t you help us with a contribution today?

The Occupy movement is delving deep into campaigns around student debt, financial regulation and getting money out of politics; immigrant rights and labor organizing; the building of worker collectives and collective farms; and the socially destructive process of home foreclosures and the ecologically destructive practice of oil, coal and natural gas extraction. It is more important than ever that independent media tell the stories of the powerful currents reshaping America and how people across the country are actively building a more just, democratic and sustainable future from the bottom up against tremendous odds.

Please donate today at https://www.wepay.com/occupyusatoday.  Anything helps: $5 or $50, every penny goes to help us complete our work on the Occupy movement and the issues of the 99% this historic year.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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