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“There is tremendous suffering”

The Occupy Movement’s strength is the power of the unambiguous demand to end the corruption of politics by money.


There may be few parallels in U.S. history to the occupy movement that has spread to hundreds of cities and towns in the last two months, but the causes are a familiar story: a gilded elite who monopolize power and wealth against a public who feel they have no say in the system and no control over their lives.

This divide is encapsulated by the “There is tremendous suffering” refrain I have heard at occupations from New York to New Orleans and Washington, D.C. toDetroit.

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Visualizing the Rust Belt occupation (Salon)

After reporting for Salon from the occupation sites in three Rust Belt cities suffering from serious post-industrial malaise. Michelle Fawcett and I sent this video, which documents the efforts of one such protest movement, in Youngstown, Ohio.

from  Visualizing the Rust Belt occupation – Occupy Wall Street – Salon.com.


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Occupying the Rust Belt (Salon)

In three deindustrialized cities, protesters find friendly cops, determination and despair

An abandoned building in Youngstown, Ohio


The surefire method to find occupations in small cities is to head for the center of town. After leaving Philadelphia on our Occupy America tour, we drive an hour north to Allentown. Pennsylvania’s third-largest city at 118,000 residents, Allentown has been weathered by years of deindustrialization in the steel, cement and textile industries that once made it an economic powerhouse.

Along MacArthur Boulevard, one of Allentown’s main drags, tidy but weary brick row homes line outlying neighborhoods. Close to Center Square, site of the requisite Civil War monument, the neighborhoods are heavily Latino and buildings exhibit signs of disrepair.

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