What next for the Occupy movement?

Excerpts from a talk by Arun Gupta in Marfa, Texas where he discusses the Occupy Movement, his experiences meeting occupiers during his and Michelle Fawcett’s travels, the Democratic party, and the potential of the movement. Video produced by Michelle Fawcett.



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3 responses to “What next for the Occupy movement?

  1. Hi thanks for contacting me and letting me know what is happening with the progression of the movement , i have been and will be doing all i can to assist the OWS movement in evolving to the point of being nationally and internationally accepted as a serious movement , that is more than just people occupying areas of cities , as it stands now we are already going into the history books and records for future generations to look back on and also to learn from , so i think this is an epic achievement and the fact that we have came this far in such a short period of time , is basically all the motivation i need personally to continue with the OWS plight , and i hope that it says the same to others as well , i am very interested in helping to devise and create a new protocol of occupying to end the violence on non violent protestors and also to be more sympathetic , to the rights of private citizens when we are rallying and occupying , sites and parks and other various areas of the cities across America , so i would love to get some feedback and also find others to create some more open forums of discussion , for the future of the OWS movement so with that being said please feel free to contact me i will be opening up my new web domain at http://www.Positiveprophets2012.org , this ill be up and running within the next four days , have a safe night , and Peace B with you all , also feel free to look me up on face book , under DarSand gray eagle ,

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  3. A challenge to ALL the 99% ers , Occupy Movement , Socialists , and all whom support such ideas !
    1) Understand i support your right to voice your options ect in a Republic such as ours or perhaps i should say whats left of it . i hope your thankful for that as you run it down , that your not being killed as the people are in some places who just want the rights you have !!!
    2 ) In abd for TRUTH on a Global scale , and you do believe and think on such a scale of coarse , You are the 1 % ! Of this there is no doubt ! Simple look at what is called the 3ed world poverty around the world the numbers are mass and vast !!! The peaple working for pennys a day even children and all whom have way less then you and have no voice like you nor rights as you nor foods like you ….or rights like you ….on and on .
    3 ) That as you protest and ask what your calling the 1% to do and indeed demanding them to do …YOU YOURSELVES DO for again YOU ARE THE 1% JUST AS THE ONES YOUR CALLING THE 1% are ………..even more so ! i would even say that its even more horrid what your NOT doing in that you say your aware and have social consensuses and are fighting for your beliefs and more i ask you then , What good are Beliefs if there just fought for and never put into deeds and actions ????
    4 ) Some / most / all will of course justified doing nothing by calling me crazy or saying its not true or some other lies ….. or talking of my poor grammar or spelling lol …….to you i offer my pity !
    My point it …….is this movement real or just hot air ?? People REALLY dieing out there as you wine about what to them is silly things what to them is luxury what to them means nothing …………Are you real or a joke ?
    Marvin Boldery foolinlife@earthlink.net and i am on Facebook

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